On the network internet web sites and informations about the UFO phenomenon are the symbol of the cacophony which reigns in the ufologic world, my site is one of it furthermore. One can regret this lack of coordination which pollutes studies on this strange phenomenon because the most extravagant ideas can appear without arguing or to possess significant evidence.
Therefore one will regret the nervousness of the scientists about difficulty reproducible phenomenon.

A movement of interest exists since fifty years, but is it necessary to add that more than ninety percent of the inhabitants of this planet have others problems: food, politic, religion and money.
Nevertheless we can think that solution of all our problems is there; then one could wonder why authorities and politics avoid approaching subject?

The webmaster is until now independent and free and does not depend on any group of influence, sect or politics

In front of the curiosity and the concern of some of my readers, initials GLORIA OLIVÆ are quite simply an ex libris and nothing else!

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